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How To Use ASINspector Pro As An Amazon FBA Seller, the online retail giant, has created not just a store but a thriving marketplace that welcomes sellers from all over the world. Retailers who use Amazon’s fulfillment services simply send the products they wish to sell to Amazon along with pricing information. Amazon stores the merchandise and fulfills the orders as they come in. All FBA products are eligible for free 2-day shipping with Prime. Sellers pay fees only when items are sold, which makes it easy for new sellers to get started. If you are considering becoming an Amazon FBA retailer, your job will be easier with tools like asinspector pro, a Chrome extension that helps you to research and source products.

The online tool allows the user to search for a product by name or with a scanner, and it provides a wealth of data, including pricing, customer reviews, photos, estimated monthly sales and revenues, and information specific to the product, such as dimensions or publication date, etc. The data can be exported to a spreadsheet for easy viewing offline. The tool makes it easy to filter categories and columns and focus on the specific parameters a seller is researching. Most sellers want to know if a product is in high demand so that they can take advantage of a trend or avoid excessive competition.

Sellers who have used ASINspector report that it has enabled them to significantly increase their return on investment when sourcing products to sell. A mobile app allows users to scan any bar code and upload the information to their account for a full breakdown of the data. This is a benefit for sellers as it allows them to take advantage of opportunities and make efficient use of their time while they’re out shopping.

Investing wisely in products that will have a high resale value can lead to a great monthly revenue for sellers and has made it possible for many people to work successfully from home. Using a market research tool can make online selling through Amazon’s FBA program more profitable by saving you time and giving you the data you need to make the right decisions.