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Maple Story Warrior

Turning into a warrior is a standout amongst the most prominent decisions in MapleStory.

Warriors are a decent decision for a player’s first character since they are anything but difficult to learn and are exceptionally strong characters.

As a MapleStory warrior, you will have effective assaults to impact your adversaries with the most astounding measure of HP in the diversion to stand toe to toe with your enemies doing combating with them. You will figure out how to utilize weapons, for example, swords, lances, post arms, tomahawks and even enchantment relying upon which employments you progress to.

Being a warrior, you will do the most steady in the diversion and have the most noteworthy measure of HP which will permit you to go up against any beast or supervisor while your gathering bargains out DPS.

In spite of the fact that as a Maple Story warrior, you will have the least enchantment levels of each class in the amusement and you will be extremely one-dimensional, you will likewise be spending a great deal of mesos on choices as you will require them a considerable measure while you are leveling in the event that you need to hold the rest time down.

The Warrior character class is an exceptionally interesting class in the MapleStory diversion. Their potential is awesome when the player knows how to accurately play them.

This is the way you can progress as a Warrior character class:

Amateur > warrior > Fighter (with more employment progressions)

Amateur > warrior > Page (with more employment progressions)

Amateur > warrior > Spearman (with more employment progressions)

You have to know from the very begin on the best way to utilize your Ability Points to ensure that your Warrior character is at his full power inside MapleStory.

The principle detail for a Warrior is STR and DEX, you generally need to ensure your DEX is 2 times the measure of your level and whatever remains of your focuses ought to go into STR.

On the off chance that you are worn out on playing with the other Maple Story characters, for example, a Thief, you might need to have a change of character class and attempt your hand at being a Warrior!