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The Unexpected Side Effects of Outdoor Exercise

My nephew is one of those hot shot gamers you always hear about.  He even has a separate room in his home that is exclusively dedicated to his computer gaming equipment; his wife has told me he’s spent as much as an entire day without leaving the chair in that room except to use the bathroom and to eat.  She wanted to know how he managed to sit in that chair and stare at that monitor all day long.  To help I suggested they join a local walking club.  She nodded and that was the last I heard about it.  Or so I thought.  A month later I received a message asking me to come by their house.  She said she was about to lose her mind.

“You don’t know what you got me into,” she moaned when I arrived.  “You know that club you got us to join?  Well, now he insists on walking at least 3 miles every day.  Sometimes I’m not sure my feet will last through the day.  I got him some athletic shoes with a Groupon for a 60% discount from The Walking shoe website.  I had no idea he’d get so hooked on them.  Now he won’t let a morning go by without taking his ‘stroll’ – then he goes back to his game room and doesn’t show up again until dinner.”

“Well, at least you two are both outside enjoying nature instead of staying indoors all day long,” I replied soothingly.  “Yeah?.” she replied.  “Have you ever had to go for walks through swarms of mosquitos, over piles of fire ant hills, and through muddy streams?  I’ve been bitten and stung so often that I’m afraid of contracting some disease or virus.”  She showed me three empty cans of insect repellant.  “I’ve used up so much of this stuff I can’t get that smell off me even when I bathe in Epsom Salts.”   She glared at me.  “This is all your fault.  From now on you keep your bright ideas to yourself.”  I drove off without telling her my wife made me quit that club because while I’d lost weight she was concerned over the interest some single members showed in my nephew and myself.